Jukebox Redux – Lush Luminescence

For those that remember the old feature – Welcome back to the Jukebox! For any that are just joining, welcome too! Let me start by saying this won’t be a regular feature like it was on Another Castle but I want to leave open the possiblilty for any time someone is in the mood. So… Read More Jukebox Redux – Lush Luminescence

Heroes Reject – Golden Axe: Beast Rider

The critics don’t always get it right. Whether it’s film, literature or our beloved interactive entertainment; sometimes the critics are wrong. When Golden Axe: Beast Rider was released in late 2008, I initially wanted to believe they might be wrong. However, with the overwhelmingly negative reviews, I was put off gambling money on this unlikely… Read More Heroes Reject – Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Diluvion Review

Diluvion Developer: Arachnid Games Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment Platform: PC  A great calamity has rolled over the face of the earth, flooding the planet and wiping out all but a few survivors. Those who managed to survive have colonised the waters, and as the oceans froze over, civilization rebuilt itself. Settlements, merchants, pirates. The years pass from… Read More Diluvion Review