Death Squared Review

Death Squared Developer: SMG Studio Publisher: SMG Studio Platform: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), Steam, PS4, Xbox One PAX Australia 2015 provided an extremely strong showing of Australian indie-developed titles, from former Another-Castle staff favourite Death Stair to some of my favourite Indie games from 2016, Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire and Defect: SDK. Death Squared… Read More Death Squared Review

Heroes Reject – Golden Axe: Beast Rider

The critics don’t always get it right. Whether it’s film, literature or our beloved interactive entertainment; sometimes the critics are wrong. When Golden Axe: Beast Rider was released in late 2008, I initially wanted to believe they might be wrong. However, with the overwhelmingly negative reviews, I was put off gambling money on this unlikely… Read More Heroes Reject – Golden Axe: Beast Rider