“The world could always use more heroes…”

Whether by chance or fate, the paths of six unlikely heroes has been forever changed as they unite, stronger than the sum of their individual talents, with a common purpose and resolve to deliver Australia’s best gaming content.

A cooperative team of gaming journalists, content creators and streamers, the Heroes of Play spans across social media, YouTube, Twitch and the blogosphere, pooling their talents to deliver original content, unique insights and engaging media.

You can expect our heroes to publish game reviews and feature articles, Let’s Play videos, podcasts and live streams – each united under the one banner and common cause that is the Heroes of Play.

So come and join the quest, along with:

Brendan ‘Tamazoid’ Tam – https://twitter.com/Tamazoid/
Dave ‘Eleventyseventy’ Rennie – https://twitter.com/hop1170/
Kaes ‘Kaeser’ Cillessen – https://twitter.com/Kaeserdc/
Will ‘Unicycles’ Neaves – https://twitter.com/UnicyclesWill/
Pete ‘InterNedoking’ Chan – https://twitter.com/InterNedoking/
Averagus – https://twitter.com/Averagus/