The Community’s Top Ten Wii U Games

This year has been a huge year for games and I think it is fair to say, particularly for Nintendo. With the Wii U production coming to a halt and the wild success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has had a great year. As of writing it is probably fair to assume that when holiday sales are taken into account, the Switch has probably already outsold the lifetime sales of the Wii U.

With that said, I have personally argued, the Wii U should be considered an excellent console despite it’s poor sales. Although it got the most attention on Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was originally developed for and also released on the Wii U. So the console ended its run with arguably the biggest release of 2017. But before this, there were many high quality titles released for the console.

The list below was voted on by the Heroes of Play staff and community members and gives a great overview of ten of the most notable releases though certainly not all. Consider this a solid list of titles you should definitely check out if you’re thinking of getting into the console late. A big thank you to all who contributed and a Happy New Year!














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