Jukebox Redux – Lush Luminescence

For those that remember the old feature – Welcome back to the Jukebox! For any that are just joining, welcome too! Let me start by saying this won’t be a regular feature like it was on Another Castle but I want to leave open the possiblilty for any time someone is in the mood. So let’s get started!

Recently I’ve been playing Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast… offline and alone. This is certainly not how the game is meant or really designed to be played but I’m enjoying the grindy, addictive gameplay nonetheless. What has always struck me about the game though was the soundtrack which really does a great job of bringing the player into the mysterious alien world players are exploring – ideally together.

The following track is really the inspiration for the soundtrack and the inspiration for todays Jukebox. The tracks are chosen from three games where the player explores mysterious alien environments. Living environments where light is limited.


Next we have a track from Pikmin a game that takes the familiar and makes it unique with scale. And of course with some terrifyingly cute lifeforms. The track below plays on the results screen and the soothing melody really brings calm after what can be some extremely tense gameplay.


Finally, we have the most recent game on this list, Ori and the Blind Forest. The soundtrack here I feel doesn’t quite match the two above but the world and art design of the game certainly does. The track I’ve chosen here isn’t my favourite but it certainly does bring across the theme of todays Jukebox.


Thank you for being a part of today’s Jukebox. I hope you enjoyed the selections and wish you a pleasant weekend!

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